Welcome to Nurit K Designs, a brand for a new facet of lifestyle – one that will stimulate you to set your table and welcome the act of entertainment with a flair for grace, luxury and ultimate hospitality.

Over the last 30 years, I have enjoyed entertaining our friends and family with my design ideas in table décor.  I am thrilled to share my love of table designs and the delight of fabulous table decorations with you.

I have designed a beautiful collection that is not only functional, but tastefully curated and carefully handcrafted with materials sourced from my travels to exotic locations.  My creations will help you highlight your table presentation to enhance your events and entertaining. 

I am excited to invite you to create an elegant atmosphere accentuated by our collection of tableware.  You will find a brilliant and dazzling mix of gems and rich fabrics that express sophistication while offering you the opportunity to reflect your personality and taste creating your personal décor.  Our pieces ignite elegance while still accessible to everyone.

At Nurit K Designs, we believe the design begins with a centerpiece–the zenith of table decoration, enhanced by vivid runners and placemat, napkins, napkin rings and candle holders that will allure the most novices of entertainers to display their inspiration in infinite styles.  Our pieces are purposely constructed to mix and match to inspire the creativity of those who desire to master the art of hosting.

Nurit Kahane

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