Ah, Summertime! Let the bright and airy dinner and drinks roll

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Fourth of July has come and gone. All the red, white and blue can now be put away…well, not quite.

When it comes to your table, you can still use the same hues, but perhaps as monochromatic schemes or maybe mixed in with colors that are not quite so patriotic. Navy blues and whites now become a sailor or marine theme. Aquas become ocean and beach themes. Red paired with yellows and oranges can easily convert to a garden theme, especially when your table is finished off with natural foliage.

Summertime does not mean throw all elegance out the door. Instead, we take inspiration from it.

An evening affair allows for elevated thoughtfulness with your table setting. One of our favorites is the Greek Goddess inspired table. We also love seaside or beach themes and floral. Whatever works with your mood for the event.

Play with vibrant colors. Mix and match your placemats with your napkin rings. Unique napkin rings an make quite an impact. A white, crisp linen napkin sits well with every color. By the time your guests sit down at your table, you will have wowed them with a gorgeous view of their next dining experience.

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