The Camellia Flower in All It’s Beauty

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Of all the flowers in the world, one our very favorites is the Camellia. It’s exotic, and a beauty commonly found during our travels to East Asia. In China it’s known as the “tea flower” because it’s actually the bloom from this magnificent shrub that shares its leaves with the world for tea. The Japanese version is the most popular one, and in our opinion, the prettiest.

The camellia was often found in Chinese painted wallpapers and gardens.

We find this flower to be quite exquisite, and in fact, the 17th Century German botanist Engelbert Kaempfer called it the “Japan Rose”.  Camellias are now cultivated worldwide for our enjoyment and are valued for their early flowering, which can be as early as late winter.

The Camellia Flower in All It’s Beauty

From garden to table…

Today, we bring the camellia flower out of the garden and into your dining room table, in the form of a gorgeous napkin ring, currently sold at Barneys for a whopping $400, but found here at at a fraction of the price. The Camellia Napkin Ring dazzles with it’s crystal border surrounding a choice of vibrant colors made for any time of the year. A powerful red camellia napkin ring can add that perfect sparkle to your Holiday dinner table, while the bold blue version can create an elegant July 4th garden party. The glamorous black and gray camellia napkin rings can be used for a romantic dinner table setting. Finally, the pretty peach version brings a delicate touch ideal for a luncheon.

Check out our Pinterest boards for more camellias in their natural setting, as well as more ideas for designing the perfect “tea flower” table setting in your own home.

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